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Approved Siding Material

    Phase I homeowners may, if they choose, replace their cedar shingles with vinyl ones rather than re-paint the original cedar shingles installed by the builder. Homes in Phases 2 and 3 were built using vinyl shingles.

    The Bristol View Homeowners Association has selected as the standard vinyl replacement as "7-inch Perfection Shingles" made by CertainTeed in the color of "Natural Clay."

    No other replacement for the original wooden shingles used as trim on Phase 1 homes is to be used without specific approval of the Bristol View Homeowners Association Board.


    The Association strives to maintain a uniform look to all of our terrace homes and the siding on our homes constitutes a large portion of what you see when you look at our homes.

    Unfortunately two things have happened since these homes were built.

  1. The original siding material is no longer manufactured by the same company
  2. Due to weather and sunshine, the siding on your home has faded in such a way that there is no "identical" replacement available today.

    The Association recommends the following action when replacement siding is required.

  1. Remove the damaged piece of siding and take it with you to B&L Wholesale Supply, 70 Hartford Street, Rochester, NY (585-546-6616) and ask to see the closest colors they have in stock.
  2. Pick the closest color. One of the closer ones (and it isn't very close) is CW240S-52 Alcoa Carvedwood D4 Pebblestone.
  3. If the replacement siding needs to go on a side of your home visible from the street, ask your installer to remove an original piece(s) from a less conspicuous part of the home (behind a shrub or in the rear of the home) and use that on the front of your home, installing the closest one you found at B&L Wholesale Supply at the location from which you took the original piece.

    If you must put non-matching siding on a side of the home visible from the street, you should expect to be required by the Association to have that portion of your home painted to match the siding on the rest of that side of your home.


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