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Bristol View Home Owners Association

Approved Exterior Paint & Stain Colors

  You are required to use only the approved paint and stain colors on the exterior of your Bristol View Home.

  The Association provides a simple process by which you can be assured that you are using the approved colors. Failure to use the approved colors may result in your being required to replace any non-standard colors with the approved colors.

  The process is as follows:

1. Determine which phase of the community your home is in:

  • Phase - Bristol View Drive #1 thru 34
  • Phase 2 – Bristol View Drive #36 thru 54 and all of Spruce Ridge
  • Phase 3 – Bristol View Drive #56 thru 75 and all of Woodcliff Terrace

2. Go to or call Hadlocks House of Paint, 7273 Victor Pittsford Rd., Victor, NY. Tel # 585-924-8310. Hadlocks has all of the approved Bristol View paints and stains on file and will discount the price to Bristol View home owners.

3. Tell them you are from the Bristol View Home Owners Association and which phase of the community your home is in (from step 1 above).

4. Tell them what you intend to paint or stain.

The approved paint/stain colors are the following:

  • Cedar Shingles
    • Phase 1 only, - Ben 640-3XGL, Y3–2X, S1–1X28, W1–4X24, R3-6.50.
    • All other phases use vinyl shingles.
  • Garage Doors - All Phases
    • Ben W096-2X, Y3-1X10.25, S1-1X20.25, R3-8.
  • Cedar Trim
    • Phases 1 & 3, - Ben 640-1XGL, Y3-19, S1-14, R3-1.
    • Phase 2, - Ben 640-3XGL, Y3-3X6, S1-3X24, W1-1X16, R3-24.
  • Front Doors – All Phases
    • Green – Ben Moore Moorglo W096-4X, Color # 2050-20.
    • Burgundy – Ben Moore Moorglo W096-4X, Color# HC184, S1-1X8, W1-6, R2-1X6, R3-13
    • Blue - Ben Moore Moorglo W096-4X, Color# 2061-10
    • Black – Ben Moore Moorglo W096-4X, Color# 2129-10
  • Decks
    • All Phases, Solid Acrylic - Arborcoat, Color - match trim or natural woodcolor stains except redwood.

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