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List of Household Suppliers
Recommended by our Residents


  IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neither the resident providing the recommendation nor the Bristol View Homeowners Association are responsible in any way for the performance of the listed contractors.  No warranty or guarantee of any kind on the quality of workmanship, pricing or performance are made or implied by the inclusion of these suppliers and contractors on this list. This list is provided solely for the convenience of the residents of the Bristol View community.

  This list exists to provide supplier and contractor recommendations submitted by Bristol View HOA residents of people and firms with whom our residents have had a very positive experience.

  If you wish to add a recommendation for a contractor who has done an excellent job for you, E-Mail Your suggestion to Bert Stanley, webmaster, at

  If we have received a recommendation, you can find the specialty in the list below. Click on that item to see the list of recommended supplier(s) for that specialty.

Lawn Sprinkler System
Painting - Interior and Exterior
PC and Computer Service and Sales
Pest Control
Roof Replacement & Repair
Roof Cleaning
Window Washing
Window Repair/Replacement


    Contractor Info


Phone Number



Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Quick-Dry Carpet Care
Sam Gange


Recommended by Fred Weber 08/2019

Preferred Clients Group (PCG)
"a referral-only service"


Recommended by Bert Stanley 06/2024

Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Tech
218 Paula Red Lane
Rochester, NY 14626


Recommended by Bert Stanley 04/2023 - Very professional, courteous. Installed & maintains Bristol View entrance garden sprinkler systems for 15 years.

General Contractors
Ron Ferrara
RFI General Contracting
plumbing, electrical, remodeling


Recommended by Tim & Heidi Tyler 02/2023 - Ron took care of all our plumbing needs in one morning, Freindly and courteous.

Rick Furia
General Contractor

(585) 738-2628

Recommended by Dave El Ani 02/2023. Rick does excellent indoor & outdoor small or large repairs. I’ve used him for over 15 years. I trust him. He can also recommend plumbers & electricians.

Reliable Locksmith 24/7, LLC


Recommended by Bert Stanley 06/2021. Very personable guy. Competent & efficient with very reasonable pricing for home & auto lock installation & repair.

Roof Cleaning
Jason Flynn
Flynn Power


Recommended by Gerald Burns 06/2024. Recently had my roof cleaned to remove unsightly black algae. Jason Flynn did an outstanding job for me. My roof looks like new. I highly recommend him.

Jason also does power washing.

Chimney Sweep
Top Hat Chimney Service
John Maurer


Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017. Very much in demand, books months ahead

Dryer Vent Cleaning / Repair
Dryer Vent Wizard
Scott Koepke, Owner/Operator

Ofc : 585-441-7227
Cell: 585-978-4127

Recommended by Bert Stanley. Cleaned & repaired my dryer vent. Very responsible and professsional.
Clearly knows what he's doing 01/2023

Joe Lima

Cell 585-414-2114

Recommended by Bert Stanley 12/2021. Repaired ceiling drywall after a roof leak awhile ago plus another site with drywall damage recently.

Daryl Wenner et al


Recommended by Connie Little 06/2016
Father & sons business. Father Larry does the estimating. Daryl & Justin do the work. A Fairport family. Honest, competent & reasonable

Duct Work Cleaning
Randy Spurling


Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017
Air Duct Cleaning Service. Did a good job for us a few years ago


Mike Brisson
Brisson Electric


Recommended by Linda Stein, 10/2016

Garage Door Repair
Felluca Garage Doors


Recommended by Bert Stanley 05/2019

Window Repair & Replacement
Lucien Waters
Window Insulation Service
283 Harvest Drive
Rochester, NY


Replaces failing thermal windows by replacing only the insulating glass itself substantially reducing cost. Very professional, courteous family business. Recommended by Bert Stanley 04/2023

Gutter Cleaning
Jason Ford, Owner
PO Box 303, Mendon NY 14506


Also washes windows. Recommended by Gloria Wilner/ Fred Weber

Pro Gutter Cleaning
Lou Vardabash


Recommended by Gerald Burns, Oct, 2019 and Bert Stanley July, 2021. reasonable price, insured, rated #1 on

Mark Campbell

Cell 585-329-5996

Recommended by Joyce Gugler, July, 2023. A great all around handyman. Have recommended him multiple times. I've used him often with my real estate needs. He's done a lot of work at Woodcliff for me and others. Also he lives in Fairport.

Scott Meisenzahl


Recommended by Bert Stanley 05/2024
I needed an out-of-reach light bulb replaced and a banister reattached to the wall. Small jobs, yes, yet Scott showed up on time, was efficient, knowledgable, honest & reasonable. Also does painting and minor remodeling.

Lima's Handy Man Service
Joe Lima

Cell 585-414-2114

Recommended again by Bert Stanley Nov, 2021. Repaired ceiling roof leak damage and this time drywall repair, Also does electrical, plumbing, drywalling.

The Erie Canal Handyman
Fairport, NY

Cell 585-773-2563

Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017. A smart all-around handyman, very clever and capable, saved me $ hundred on exterior window repairs.

Home Repair Specialist
Call Chris


Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017. Used for electrical repairs-very good. Also does plumbing, carpentry, etc. 25 yrs experience.

Hardwood Floor Refinisher
Matt VanSickle
Hardwood Flooring
1248 School St
Victor, NY 14564


Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017

Heating and A/C
Boccacino Heating & Cooling
Visit our website


The original installer of the heating & A/C units on many of BristolView homes

Painting - Interior & Exterior
CAP Painting
Andy Vowles


by Bert Stanley for exterior painting 07/2024
by Jerry Burns 46 BVD 09/2021
by Bert Stanley for interior painting - quality work, professional but also a "really nice guy" 05/2022

Penfair Painting
John Cranch


Recommended by Jim Roman 11/2017. Excellent pressure wash & staining on our outside deck

Steve Mannix Painting
79 Hill Rise Drive

home: 585-385-9033
cell: 585-820-8973

Young, smart, a real pro with a team of painters if required. Recommended by Jim Roman 10/2017

PC and Computer Sales & Service
20 Allens Creek Road
Rochester, NY 14618


Recommended by Bert Stanley 03/2022
Done business with them for years, honest, reliable, reasonably priced service. Don't think they make house calls

Pest Control
Exodus Exterminating


Recommended by Linda Stein, 10/2016

Ron Ferrara
RFI General Contracting
plumbing, electrical, remodeling


Recommended by Tim & Heidi Tyler 02/03/2023 - Ron took care of all our plumbing needs in one morning, Friendly and courteous.

Larry Watson
Semi-retired Plumber


Recommended by Jim Roman 02/2021. Did an excellent job, a real skilled plumber; priced reasonably.

Kurt Snyder
Eagle Plumbing


Recommended by Linda Stein, 10/2016
Lynn Hartrick,  11/2018 - Cannot say enough positive things about Curt….extremely responsive, cost effective, highly recommended, fixed the problem quickly, a real pro, very nice guy

Roofing Replacement & Repair
Kaptein Contracting, LLC.
Bill Lawton
132 Watersong Trail
Webster, NY 14580


Recommended by Bert Stanley. Kaptein installed my new roof in May, 2024. The job was well-done and reasonably priced. Bill was competent, knowledgable and eager to please. The crew worked fast, completed the job in just over 1 full day and did a good job.

Window Washing

Stellar Window Cleaning


Reccommended by Gerald Burns - June, 2024. He did a superb job at a reasonable price. Very professional, personable, courteous & careful with window treatments & furniture. I highly recommend him.

Crystal Clean Window Washing


Reccommended by Bert Stanley Sept, 2022. Rochester City Fireman. Mike & his crew wash my windows every year and do a great job.

Reasonably priced but it does take him a while to return your call and schedule the job.













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