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Official Documents of Bristol View Home Owners Association, Inc.

Revised as of October,2023

The members (Owners) of the Association and the Association are subject to a hierarchy of authorities:

  • Federal Law, for example, Communications Act (regarding satellite antennas)
  • New York State Law, for example, Not-For-Profit Law
  • Town of Perinton Law, for example, Zoning and Dog Ordinances

The official documents of Bristol View Homeowners Association, Inc. are as follows:
Each document can be accessed by clicking on the document name below.

Certificate of Incorporation

Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Easements, Charges & Liens, Amendments ("The Declaration")
This huge document is presented as an external Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document. To return to the Bristol View HOA website, just close the pdf document.


Additional Rules, Regulations and Forms adopted by the Association Board of Directors, which are defined in the following documents:

There is also a Declaration of Easement which establishes a responsibility of the Association to share in the expenses of the private road, Woodcliff Terrace.

NOTE:   On this website and in documents such as the minutes of Board of Directors meetings, various terms including "resident(s)," "homeowner(s)," and "home owner(s)" are used to refer to owners of homes in our community.  The legal terms are "Lot Owner(s)" and/or "Owner(s)." In every case, these other terms should be understood to be synonymous with the legal term "Lot Owner(s)" and "Owner(s) as defined in the Declaration.

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