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Frequently Asked Questions

  The following Frequently Asked Questions are provided as an aid to answering questions frequently asked by Residents. This page does not constitute or replace the formal rules and regulations of the Association.

  The documents containing the formal rules and regulations of the Association are displayed on this website. Click Here to display that webpage.


To Whom Do We Pay the Monthly Assessment
Annual HOA Meeting
Controlling Carpenter Ants
Controlling Your Pets
Deer Repellent Product
Driveway and Road Sealing
Garage / Estate Sale Rules
Late or Delinquent Payment of Assessments
Lawn Mowing and Trimming
...Watering of Lawns and Gardens
Making Changes to Your Home or Yard
...What If a Dumpster or Storage Pod is Needed for the Project
Mulching and Pruning Timing
Other HOA Rules
Parking On the Street
Parking Overnight & in Certain Locations
Recycling -What Items Can Be Put in the Recycle Bin
Are Signs Allowed
Speed Limits
Snow Plowing
Trash Pick-up
...Are There Certain Holidays When Trash Pickup is Delayed by a Day ?
...How To Dispose of Used Appliances and other Large Items ?
...Will Trash Collectors Take Christmas Trees ?
Other Questions

Making Changes to Your Home or Yard


    Because you live in a community with a Homeowners Association, there are rules regarding the process required if you wish to make any changes or improvements to the exterior of your home or property. Click here to go to the web page that covers the Simple Procedure and the Exterior Improvement Agreement request form for obtaining approval of any "exterior change or improvement" you wish to make.

    If the changes you wish to make will require the use of a dumpster or storage pod of any type, check the rules regarding the use of these items in the Rules of the Architectural Committee, Section 7.

    When it's time to repaint the exterior of your home, residents are required to use only the HOA-approved colors for Paint and Stain of the exterior of their homes including decks and porches. (See below for additional information on replacement siding, shingles, garage doors, and exterior lamps.)

    Please note: We encourage you to submit an Exterior Improvement Agreement request form before painting your home or having it painted so you can be apprised of the approved paint, stain and trim colors and discounted pricing.  Failure to use the approved colors may result in your being required to repaint using the approved colors.

  Click Here for the web page covering HOA Rules and Regulations for Exterior Architecture and Landscaping.

  Click Here to access the web page containing information on the approved standard paint and trim colors, standard replacement siding and shingles, and standard replacement garage door, and standard replacement exterior lamps.

Use of Storage Pods and/or Dumpsters


    Storage pods and/or dumpsters may be used only upon the prior approval of the Board of Directors with the following restrictions.

    A. No storage pod or dumpster shall remain in place at a Home for more than three (3) consecutive days unless it is completely enclosed within the garage with the garage door completely closed each night. Once removed, a storage pod or dumpster may not be returned to the Home again within seven (7) days.

    B. The Association's Board of Directors may, in its sole discretion, approve an exception to this rule, should unusual circumstances dictate a valid reason for doing so but, in no case, shall a storage pod or dumpster be allowed to remain in place outside of the garage for more than seven (7) consecutive days.

    C. The Owner shall assure that no damage is done to the driveway, eyebrow or community roadways by the storage pod or dumpster and shall be solely responsible for any and all cost incurred by the Association to repair any damage caused by its installation, use or removal.

    D. To request permission to use a storage pod or dumpster, Owners should address a simple letter to the Bristol View Homeowners Association President, with a copy to the Property Manager, stating the dates on which the Owner wishes to have the storage pod or dumpster at their Home and committing to abide by all of the above rules at least 15 days prior to the requested dates.

To Whom Do We Pay Our Monthly Assessment Fee


    You make your monthly payment either by check or by on-line banking to "Bristol View Homeowners Association."  Your payment should NOT be made out to Woodbridge Group.  If you do not have a pre-printed envelope, the address is   c/o Woodbridge Group, 271 Marsh Road, Suite 3, P.O. Box 237, Pittsford, NY 14534.

Other Homeowner Association Rules and Restrictions


    The Board of Directors of the Bristol View Homeowners Association is empowered to add rules, regulations and standards to assure that the community maintains its value and continues to be the attractive community it was intended to be. Click Here to go to the web page containing the current set of documents by which the Homeowners Association is governed.

Community Speed Limits


    Woodcliff Terrace is a private road shared with the residents of the Townhomes. The speed limit on Woodcliff Terrace is posted at 15 MPH.  Bristol View and the upper portion of Spruce Ridge are public dedicated roads.   The New York state speed limit on roads not otherwise posted is 30 MPH so that is the official speed limit on those roads.  But, due to the curviness of the roads and the fact that our residents enjoy walking, please keep your speed on Bristol View and Spruce Ridge well below the official limit.  You will notice "caution speed limit" signs posted recommending a speed of no more than 15 MPH.

On-Street Parking


    On-street parking of vehicles increases the risk to pedestrians and other vehicular traffic. Unless approved by the Association, automobiles and other vehicles belonging to residents and/or their guests are to be parked to the greatest extent possible in garages or driveways. As a courtesy to other residents, residents expecting multiple guest vehicles for an event which is expected to last more than a few hours are encouraged to request permission to use their neighbors' driveways temporarily rather than parking in the eyebrows or on the street. In any case, it is requested that no vehicles be parked on the street overnight.

Overnight Parking &
Parking In Certain Locations


    The community "Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions..." document in Article X, Section 10.16 states that, with the exception of vehicles used in connection with the construction or sale of Lots by the Sponsor (original builder) or maintenance of the Property, any vehicle which cannot fit into a garage of the size with the homes with the overhead garage door closed, any commercial vehicle weighing 2 tons or more unless garaged, and any unlicensed vehicle of any type, unless garaged, shall be allowed to remain on community Property for no more than 72 hours within any month.

    No vehicle of any type may be parked at any time in certain locations. The specific locations include at the ends of Woodcliff Terrace, Spruce Ridge and Bristol View Drive, anywhere on the emergency road connecting Spruce Ridge and Woodcliff Terrace, and the the spot midway down Spruce Ridge where the road turns left becoming a private road, All of these locations are reserved for commercial and emergency vehicles to turn around and/or where snow plow trucks pack snow resulting from plowing community roads.

Trash Pick-up


    Trash and recyclables are now normally picked up on Wednesdays. You should leave your HOA-provided trash container outside your garage next to the garage, not at the curb. The recyclables container is to be placed at the curb. You are to return both containers to your garage by the end of the same day.

How Can We Dispose of Used Appliances and other Large Items


    Our trash hauler will pick up most items, other than normal household trash, such as Christmas trees and other small items. The pickups are normally scheduled for the same day as the normal trash pickup, Wednesdays

    Please place your trash container and any other trash on your driveway and not on the lawn as Wednesdays is also a lawn mowing day.

    For larger items, and items which cannot be disposed of as normal trash, call Suburban Disposal at (585) 352-3900 to alert them. They may need to bring a special truck or additional manpower. If you have any questions, call Suburban Disposal.

    If the item you are disposing of contains a refrigerant, such as a used refrigerator or dehumidifier, Suburban Disposal may attempt you charge you $25 + tax for each such item. If that happens, you may have to remind Suburban that the Association's contract with them states that that charge is to be absorbed by the Bristol View Home Owners Association. If you prefer, you may just call Woodbridge Group right away and they will deal with Suburban Disposal.

    Disposal of TVs and other electronic items is not currently covered by our trash contract so you will be charged $75 per item for those items to be picked up.

Will the Trash Collectors Take Christmas Trees ?


    The weekly trash collectors will take your Christmas tree if you put it out at the curb.

Are There Certain Holidays When Trash Pickup is Delayed by a Day ?


    Trash collection which is normally collected on Wednesdays is delayed by one day in weeks in which the following holidays occur on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas

What Items Can Be Put in the Recycle Bin


    Recyclable plastics, paper and cans are normally picked up on Wednesdays.  Since this is a town of Perinton-wide pick-up, we cannot control its placement for your convenience.  The recyclables container should be placed at the end of your driveway at the curb, not on the lawn as lawn mowing is also done on Wednesdays.

    A complete list of things that can and cannot be recycled is at Monroe County Residential Recycling webpage.

    A simplified list of what can be recycled and how to separate items is also at this List of Items That Can be Recycled.

Grass Mowing and Trimming


    Normally, the lawns are mowed and trimmed on Wednesdays with Thursdays and Fridays as a rain-dates) of each week during the season.  Please remember to move your lawn watering hoses off grassed areas the night before mowing day.

Timing of Mulching and Pruning


    Normally, mulching of garden beds visible from the street begins about mid-May.  However, the timing is dependent upon weather and growing conditions.  It cannot be started until perennials have emerged so the crew does not inadvertently cover the young plants with mulch.  Our intent is to complete mulching by or as soon as practical after May 31st.

    Pruning of shrubs and bushes visible from the street begins shortly after blossoms have fallen from flowering shrubs and bushes.  Starting earlier would result in loss of the beauty of the flowering shrubs. As with mulching, the operation is done in one pass through the community so depending upon the lighting and conditions on any given lot, some blossoms may have already passed while others still remain.

Driveway and Private Road Sealing


    Normally, driveways are sealed once every three years, based upon inspections. Bristol View Drive driveways and eyebrows were sealed in 2018.   Driveways on Spruce Ridge and Woodcliff Terrace were sealed in 2018.  The private sections of Spruce Ridge and Woodcliff Terrace are sealed at the same time as the driveways on those streets.

Watering of Grass and Plantings


    The "Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions..." is not real clear about this.  The Homeowners Association does not water lawns. The text of the ""Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions..." document allows the landscaping crew to use water from your spigot, if they need to, to accomplish their tasks.  It does not mean that the Homeowners Association or the landscaping crew will water your lawn for you.

    The Association and your neighbors would appreciate your help in assuring that plantings in any common areas close to your home get watered whenever the weather is real dry. This avoids the plantings we have placed there from dying and needing to be replaced -- a cost we all share

Snow Plowing


    The private roads (Woodcliff Terrace and the lower portion of Spruce Ridge) and all driveways and eyebrow access roads are plowed by our contractor whenever there is an accumulation of three inches or more.  The private roads are also salted by our contractor as needed.  The public dedicated roads (Bristol View Drive and the upper portion of Spruce Ridge are plowed and salted by the Town and we cannot control their service.

   You may, if you wish, contract individually with our private snow plowing contractor to have your sidewalk shoveled when the streets and driveways are plowed.  Extra trips to shovel driveways are not included in the service offered.  For details and pricing info, E-Mail or call (585) 385-3331.

Deer-Repellent Product


SHAKE-AWAY DEER PRODUCTS can be purchased @ 1 800-517-9207 Mon. -Fri. 9am - 4pm
The individual packs are now packaged 4 per box for $17.95 per box. If 3 or more boxes are purchased at a time, there is Free Shipping.

Your Pets


    Except for up to 2 dogs or 2 cats, or any combination thereof, or fish or birds kept in a cage or other container, no other animals, birds or insects are allowed.

    Your pets are not allowed to run free in the community.  If your pet cat or dog is outside, it must be on a leash or otherwise contained within your own yard.  Do remember that virtually all of the "yard" around your home is common property so be sure to communicate with your neighbors about the area where you would like to control your pet.  You are not allowed to walk your pet on the golf course.

   You are required to pick-up after your pet.   One solution available at local pet shops is called "Bags on Board," a small container which attaches to your leash so you always have "pick-up bags" with you.

    Some of your neighbors have installed "invisible fencing" to contain their pets.  If your pet wears an "invisible fence" collar, remember to remove it when walking your pet in the neighborhood to avoid your pet being shocked as you walk it past a neighbor's yard which has invisible fencing.

Annual Meeting of the Bristol View Homeowner Association


    The annual meeting of the Bristol View Homeowners Association is normally held in September of each year.  Under our By Laws, residents are informed of the meeting approximately, but not more than 30 days prior to the meeting.  Election of officers is conducted during annual meetings.

    If you cannot attend the annual meeting, please be sure to fill out and return your proxy vote. Otherwise, if too few residents choose to attend in person, we may not achieve a quorum and the meeting will have to be re-scheduled.

Late or Delinquent Payment of Association Assessments


    The Association rules regarding late or delinquent payments are spelled out in the "Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions..." document in Section 5.08. Click Here to go to that document and then scroll down to Section 5.08 - Non-Payment of Assessment.

Are Signs Allowed ?


    In the community "Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions..." document, Article X, Section 10.01 states:
"Except for signs erected by or with the permission of the Sponsor (the original builder) in connection with the initial development, lease or sale of Lots, no additional sign or other advertising device of any nature shall be placed for display to the public view on any Lot or other portion of Property (anywhere in the community), including but not limited to temporary signs advertising property for sale or rent, except with the consent of the Architectural Committee (Bristol View Homeowners Association Board)."
    (text in parenthesis is for clarification only)

Other Questions


    If you have other questions about any facet of our community feel free to contact any member of the Homeowners Association Board of Directors.  Click Here for the Contacts web page to send an E-Mail to any member of the Board.

Garage / Estate Sales


    A. Owners are not permitted to hold household sales of any kind, including what are commonly referred to as "garage sales", except as defined in this rule due to the limited amount of space for parking, the narrowness of community streets, the lack of sidewalks to protect walkers, and the need to assure accessibility to all properties by emergency equipment.

    B. Owners who, after completion of a signed agreement for sale for their Property, need to dispose of household items may request permission of the Association to hold a single "moving sale" not to exceed two days at their home. The sale on each of the two days shall not begin before 9AM and shall end by 5PM. All items for sale must remain in the home or in its garage during the sale. No items are to be placed in any Common Areas including the driveway and grassed areas.

    C. Parking on Common Areas (grassed areas) is not permitted. No vehicles shall be allowed to block any driveway or mailbox. Parking shall be limited to one side of the street. Any resulting damage to any Common Areas which was, in the sole judgment of the Association, caused by the sale shall be repaired by the Association and the cost billed to the Owner holding the sale who shall reimburse the Association within 15 days of receipt of the bill.

    D. A single sign not to exceed 24 inches by 18 inches shall be permitted on public property on Woodcliff Drive at the entrance to the community which is closest to the sale site. A second sign not to exceed 24 inches by 18 inches shall be permitted at the corner of Bristol View Drive and Spruce Ridge only if the moving sale is to take place at a home on Spruce Ridge. To assure access for emergency vehicles, it is the responsibility of the Owner to install a minimum of at least 5 signs indicating “No Parking Allowed On This Side of Street” along one side of the street in the area of the sale. It is also the responsibility of the Owner to enforce this parking restriction during all sale hours. All such signs may be placed only on the days of the moving sale and must be in place no earlier than 8AM on each day of the sale and be removed each day of the sale by 6:00PM

    E. Permission for such "moving sale" may be granted by the Association only if there are no outstanding amounts due to the Association and after confirmation in writing by the Owner of their commitment to abide by all provisions of this rule.

    F. To request permission to hold such a sale, Owners should address a simple letter to the Bristol View Homeowners Association President, with a copy to the Property Manager, stating the dates on which the Owner wishes to hold the sale and committing to abide by all of the above rules at least 15 days prior to the requested sale dates.

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