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Good Neighbor Committee


Good Neighbor Committee members will welcome new residents to our community.  Residents are asked to notify their neighborhood representative of any deaths, illnesses, hospitalizations, etc. to which we will respond appropriately.



Representative and Contact Info


Kay Joslyn at or 585-381-6412

1-15 Bristol View Dr

Jennifer Dunn at or 585-203-1837

16-27 Bristol View Dr

Cathy Desiderio at or 585-385-6362

28-40 Bristol View Dr

Sue Devereaux at or 585-385-6362

41-62 Bristol View Dr

Judy Sundstrom at or 585-381-2287

63-75 Bristol View Drive

Mary Bonfiglio at or 585-662-5547

All of Spruce Ridge

Connie Little at or 585-662-5547

59-73 Woodcliff Ter

Beth Feldman at or 585-576-1033
Priscilla Mooney at or 585-576-1033

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