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New  Residents

Please extend a warm welcome to these new members of our Bristol View community who have joined us since the 2022 Annual Meeting


New Resident Name
and Address


Holbrook and Carol Richardson
40 Bristolview Drive

October, 2022 


Julie and David El-Ani
73 Woodcliff Terrace

December, 2022


Jamie Lillis
42 Bristol View Drive

February, 2023


Ann and Kevin Howe
30 Bristolview Drive

February, 2023


Christopher Smith
39 Bristolview Drive

April, 2023


Jane and Daniel Rothschild
32 Bristolview Drive

April, 2023


Susan Vinocour
72 Woodcliff Terrace

July, 2023


Anthony and Jill Giordano
18 Bristolview Drive

October, 2023


James and Virginia Reynolds
20 Spruce Ridge

October, 2023


  If you or someone you know has joined our Bristol View community recently
but who hasn't been recognized here, please notify any member of the HOA Board of
Directors so we can add the new resident(s) to this list. Thank you.

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