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  Here you will find a variety of items of interest to the residents of the Bristol View community of terracde homes located atop Horizon Hill in Perinton, New York.


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  Our community was developed in an area that was previously a wooded area with abundant wildlife. Many of those critters still live here among us. We are joined here by many relatively harmless birds, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys, rabbits and deer.

  There have also, however, been sightings of fox, raccoons, coyotes and groundhogs close to homes in our community, including instances where they were seen sleeping next to lower level windows and one young coyote who was seen up on a deck. We have also had a young deer who enjoyed sleeping inside a neighbor's garage.

  If you have a small pet, please be careful when letting them out at night or in the early morning. Also be aware that you are required to pick up after your pet. The common areas in our community are to be shared by all without the need to dodge animal feces left by an uncaring pet owner.

  Among the animals with whom we share this land are these folks.


  If you have wildlife photos from our community you'd like to share, email them to me at

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