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  All questions & concerns concerning our community are to be called in first to the Woodbridge Group Office Property Manager, Lisa Beardsley 585-385-3331. Lisa will add your concern or request to the task list and present your concern or request to the Board members.

  To send an e-mail to a member of the Bristol View Board of Directors, or to our Property Manager, use the EMail Address indicated below for each person.

Home Owners Association Board of Directors

      Al Brault at

  Board President

      Bob Gugler at

  Vice President, Architecture

      Ken O'Brien at

  Vice President, Landscaping

      Judith O'Malley at


      Lynn Marino at


      Tom Carozza
      Alyson Kulpers at
      Woodbridge Group, Inc.

  Property Manager

      Major Suppliers to the Association

      Do not contact service providers directly
        All questions & concerns are to be called in to the Woodbridge Property Management Office 585-385-3331

      Landscape Service Provider
        Chris Andrews


      Sidewalk snow shoveling contracts
      are available to Homeowners. Woodbridge has contracts available. 585-385-3331

      Trash Pickup
        Suburban Disposal

        For special trash pick-ups. See Also Trash Pick-up in FAQs


  Realtors, Brokers, Title Companies, Attorneys and any other parties needing Association financial, community rules & regulations, information pursuant to Association property inspections and real estate closings or any other information should contact the Property Manager for the Association at Woodbridge Group at 585-385-3331.

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