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Approved Replacement Exterior Lamps

  The Bristol View Home Owners Association Board has approved the four exterior lamps shown below as the only approved lamps to be used when replacing ones currently on your home. The intent is to provide both less expensive, slightly smaller units and somewhat more expensive, larger units allowing residents to choose which they prefer.

  Please note that only one color is approved for each lamp Do not install lamps in any color other than the approved color described below.

  All previously approved exterior lamps are no longer approved for new installations.

Craftmade Z290-07

Craftmade Z290-07
Collection: Hex Style Cast
Cast Aluminum
Std Color: Rust
Height: approx 17 3/4 inches
Approx Price:  $45.00
kichler 9654 Tuscan

Kichler 9654 Tuscan
Collection: Madison
Cast Aluminum
Std Color: Tannery Bronze
Height: approx 22 inches
Approx Price:  $81.00
Progress Lighting P6072-20

Progress Lighting P6072-20
Collection: Edition
Cast Aluminum
Std Color: Antique Bronze
Height: approx 15 3/4 inches
Approx Price: $126.00
Kichler 9719PR

Kichler 9719PR
Collection: Cameron
Cast Aluminum
Std Color: Prairie Rock
Height: approx 14.25 inches
Approx Price:  $160.00

  Prices noted above are from the Lighting Direct website and were accurate as of Sept, 2017.  Prices may vary depending on when and where you purchase your lamps.

  To check the current price at Lighting Direct, Click on the link here to Lighting and enter the Model you are considering (eg: Craftsman Z290-07) in the Search Box where it asks "What are you shopping for?"

  Locally, Maynard Electric has assured the HOA Board that they will order any of these lamps upon request. Others may also make similar offers.

  No other replacements for exterior lamps are to be used without the specific approval of the Bristol View Home Owners Association Board.

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